My daughter started piano lessons with Max about five months ago. Max’s knowledge, love for music, and teaching shine through in each lesson. He makes each lesson fun for her. He is patient and kind and always makes sure to come down to my daughter's level to explain things to her. When she is feeling stuck Max always works through the problem with her in a way that helps build her confidence in developing her skills and fosters her love for the piano. My daughter really enjoys her lessons with Max and looks forward to them each week. 

- Bethany 

Max Weltman Studios came highly recommended to my family through a local homeschool group. Our experience with the studio’s tele-classes have been outstanding and my son has really enjoyed his one-on-one lessons with Max. He is a well-rounded and talented musician who’s passion for the broad scope of music shines through in his teachings. Max is very friendly, patient and easy-going with a unique ability to effectively teach students who have no musical background or experience how to understand music and play an instrument. My son learned how to play a song on the ukulele within the first two sessions with Max even though he had no previous experience with music or instruments at all. Just as this studio was highly recommended to me, I highly recommend it to other families as well!

- Jessica

Max is our daughter's first guitar teacher. She is taking online lessons and it works for us well. His teaching method allowed her to master her first song within a week. She progresses fast thanks to Max who is very supportive and makes sure she understands the directions, he structures the lessons to her personal needs and focuses on her own personal interest in music which makes the lessons fun.  Max is very generous with his time, he answers and helps any time we need help. I would highly recommend Max as a guitar teacher. 

- Petra

I have to say, Maxwell is the most patient, enthusiastic, lover of music, and just an amazing all-around music teacher. My boys started knowing nothing. In 6 months, they are making music happen. I have to say we enjoy the time with Maxwell. I would recommend him to any music enthusiast. He goes above and beyond! 

- Vickie

Max has been a great instructor for our 8 year old son. He looks forward to the lessons and has learned so much over the last year. Max has a real gift of being able to relate well to him, and make things fun, without sacrificing on gaining progress. We’re really glad we found Max as an instructor.

- Andy