Maxwell Weltman's studio is built on the belief that a strong musical foundation provides students the ability to express themselves more freely. As a multi-instrumentalist, he provides students the unique ability to expand their style of expression on a variety of instrumentation while also exploring composition, theoretical analysis, and improvisation. 

Maxwell offers lessons on guitar and ukulele. He teaches for all ages and his lessons are all virtual, from the comfort of your own home - the only commute required is to your computer! Maxwell focuses on the beginner and intermediate levels of both instrumental technique and music theory.  

Maxwell holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Bishop’s University with a specialization in Jazz Saxophone. He has a wide array of education experience through his private studio and working in public schools over the past few years. 

The hallmark of Maxwell's teaching is his passion for individualized education. Lessons with Maxwell are like embarking upon a journey, with a guide by your side along the entire path. Learning music is intensely personal to each student, and no two lessons are the same.